Rules for Road Safety How Every Child Should Know

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Children need to learn important lessons about road safety and traffic rules. Whether they're playing right outside your house or they're old enough to roam more, you can help them stay safe by teaching them these important rules of the road.

Road Signs

While they may be too young to understand all the traffic signs and lights, there are some they need to know before they can hit a road without you. Traffic signs, including green, red and yellow, should be taught, as well as how to use and read crosswalk signs.

School Bus

Traffic is overloaded on the roads of Dubai and most accidents happen outside the bus in Dubai. The school administration has strictly enforced the bus driver to pick up and drop off school-aged children of all ages following the rules of the Safe Driver Dubai program. Make sure children don't arrive at the bus stop too early so they can walk around or play games. Ensure kids stand by away from the street and remain until the school transport reaches a stand-still and the entryways open.

Stop. To See. To Cross.

Even if there is a crosswalk in the road or a designated crossing area, they should be taught to always stop. Look in all directions, not just back and forth. Looking only left and right does not help them on a four-way street when vehicles can approach from behind or across the street, not just left or right.

Teach them never to cross on bends or steep roads because they might not see oncoming cars. They should also never cross between stationary vehicles as these vehicles may start moving without warning.

Listen and Don't Use Headphones

With the fame of earphones nowadays, your youngsters should know to continuously eliminate them or not wear them until they've arrived at their objective. The capacity to hear inconspicuous vehicles can assist with guarding them. Mostly car drives drive like a safe driver in Dubai, because Cars will often use their horn if your child does not see them, and their ability to hear the horn could avoid a fatal collision.

Let them know that emergency vehicles will not obey traffic lights. It is very important to listen for the sirens before crossing, whatever the signal. If they hear a siren, they must wait until they can determine where it is coming from and whether it is approaching or moving away from them. These vehicles often move at high speeds and often appear out of nowhere.

Use the Sidewalks, Not the Road

Let them know that they should never run on the side of a road. They can be easily distracted and should be taught never to run or run near traffic areas. Wherever possible, they should use sidewalks or stay on the other side of the road, even if that means walking on grassy areas.

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