Tips for Managing Jaw Pain Caused by Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that grow in your mouth towards the end of adolescence. While they serve a very important purpose (breaking down food and helping you digest), they can also cause major problems like jaw pain or wisdom tooth extraction. If you are experiencing any sort of jaw pain, it's best to see your dentist right away to prevent further damage. Here are vital tips for managing wisdom teeth pain until you have seen your dentist Braeside

Jaw Pain Caused After Wisdom Teeth Extraction 

 Do you experience jaw pain after wisdom teeth extraction? You are not alone. Doctors say this occurs when there's excess fluid in the tissues and it usually goes away on its own within three weeks. Jaw pain is one of the most common side effects following wisdom teeth removal, but there are ways to reduce it. The best way to treat this issue is by resting your jaw muscles and staying hydrated. 

However, the first thing you can do is take ibuprofen before and after your dental procedure. Ibuprofen will help relieve swelling and inflammation in your mouth while also reducing some of the discomfort that comes with jaw pain.  

If you don't want to take over-the-counter medication, then try ice packs or cold compresses on your face for 10 minutes at a time. The cold will numb any soreness in your cheeks or jaws, which may make eating more comfortable too! Lastly, if all else fails talk to your dentist nearby and get some advice. 

Jaw Pain Occur While Taking Wisdom Teeth Extraction 

Most people feel jaw pain when they get their wisdom teeth removed. If you have had this experience, then you're not alone. Wisdom teeth cause a lot of problems for many people because the mouth wasn't designed to hold all 32 adult teeth. 

However, there is limited space in the jawbone (which can lead to overcrowding) and increased pressure on other teeth (which can lead to damage). This extra pressure from wisdom teeth erupting into your mouth causes pain and discomfort which is why it's important for them to be removed as soon as possible.  

Home Remedies For Treating Wisdom Teeth Jaw Pain   

If you have to get your wisdom teeth pulled, it can be a painful experience. The pain may last for a while and can affect your jaw in many different ways. It's important to know what causes the pain so that you can treat it effectively at home.  

Here are some natural remedies for wisdom teeth jaw pain: 1) Arnica Oil 2) Tylenol 3) Ice 4) Peppermint 5) Ginger 6) Chamomile Tea 7) Natural Pain Relievers 8.) Relaxation Techniques 9.) Warm Saltwater Gargle 10.) Baking Soda 11.) Bite Splint.

If any of these remedies sound good to you, try them out and see how they work! There is no reason why anyone should have to suffer.  


Wisdom teeth are the most common dental problem. They typically come in during adolescence and can be impacted or stuck, which is when they don't emerge properly. If you want your wisdom tooth(s) out without painful extraction surgery, then make sure dentist visits aren’t missed at six-month intervals.

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