How to Choose the Right Small Business Phone System

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It's important to choose the right small business phone system for your business. The system should address your current and future needs. It should also grow with your business. There are several options available, and there's a system for you. Below, we'll discuss some of the most popular options.

Business phone systems Australia

The small business phone systems Australia provides a range of features, including caller ID display, conference calling, and team collaboration. The user interface is clean and easy to use. Its applications prioritize business-critical features. The software allows users to preconfigure IP phones and programmable buttons. It also offers wireless Linx adapters for up to four devices, making it ideal for international locations. Ooma's enterprise plans include dedicated customer success teams and training.

The small business phone system comes with over 50 innovative features to help you run your business smoothly. For example, you can set up meetings with others by using the Ooma Office Pro application. You can also set up video conferencing using the Ooma Desktop application. Setup is quick and easy, requiring less than 15 minutes. Additionally, it requires no additional hardware, so you won't have to buy additional equipment to get started.


The Weave small business phone system gives businesses a comprehensive view of how well their employees are serving customers. The system uses pre-installed software phones and can be configured to track a variety of metrics. These can help you assess how effective your employees are when on the phone, including missed calls and call volume distribution throughout the day.

Weave also has features that allow you to interact more with customers and team members. For example, if a patient calls your office, the phone can display the patient's name and other information. It can also send reminders and provide information about upcoming appointments.


The PABX phone system is a virtual phone system that requires no hardware, wiring, or equipment. It functions as a sophisticated call-forwarding system. When customers call your main number, an automated attendant will answer and direct the call to the appropriate employee. From there, employees can answer the call, ask for caller information, or forward it to voicemail.

The PABX phone system can be integrated with any existing phone service, including landline and mobile phone service. Grasshopper is designed to give small businesses the power to stay competitive and stay connected, especially if they have multiple locations. All data and hardware are hosted by the company, making installation simple and hassle-free.


Avaya phone system for small business phone systems can offer several key benefits to companies. For one, they offer more advanced call management features than landlines, including call forwarding, which sequentially forwards calls across multiple devices. Secondly, they are more affordable than traditional premise-based systems, and they can be easily integrated into an existing premise-based phone system. In addition, they are also ideal for businesses that have many remote employees.

While the initial setup process can vary greatly between providers, the best virtual phone systems will make it easy to use and require no tech expertise. Some providers, such as LinkedPhone, offer a one-step process that will allow you to get up and running with your new phone system within minutes. This means you can use your new number immediately, without the time-consuming process of porting a business phone number.

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