The importance of sex toys in intimate relationships

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Sexuality in the couple usually has its ups and downs, so it is recommended that you avoid falling into the routine and get out of boredom by including, among other things, toys that stimulate the sexual pleasure of both, which combined with other incentives and erotic games. it will help keep the flame burning.

However, it is not easy for people, even when it comes to the life or intimacy partner, to openly express what they like and give way to experimentation, this being a failure in communication that can have different origins, but in the end with help. Adequate professional end up surpassing it.

It is important to talk with your partner

Talk about everything and especially about Cirilla’s sex toys  since it is a very important part of the relationship. The more communicative the couple is with each other, it will be easier to know when there are dissatisfaction problems and to seek solutions with professional help and also with some creativity. For men, masturbation is part of their nature; it is the moment with themselves that they take advantage of even when they are sexually active.

For women, self-stimulation becomes more and more natural, for which they are helped through devices designed for this purpose, very easy to find in specialized online stores, for example Diversely . When one or both parties are capable of expressing their most intimate fantasies and desires, it is very easy for these types of toys to be incorporated into the preamble to sexual intercourse , designed for the woman to explore new sensations by stimulating the clitoris until reaching maximum orgasmic pleasure as many times as you want.

Active communication makes it possible to anticipate possible problems that affect people's intimacy, in such a way that even when everything is going smoothly between the couple, it is necessary to make sure that sex is being pleasant for both .

It is clear that these issues have their time to be addressed and it is also necessary to take care of the way so that a pleasant climate of complicity is generated between both and of new expectations of one towards the other.

 What is the ideal time?

Intuition helps a lot, but the idea is to take advantage of the most intimate moments, where both are relaxed and open to new ideas, moments after a satisfactory sexual encounter would be perfect and even when they are enjoying a quiet afternoon and similar situations.

The idea is to approach the subject with the greatest naturalness , starting with what you would like to do or commenting on how much fun you have had with certain caresses that he did the other night. You can also comment that you have had an erotic dream and so you can prepare the way to ask him what he thinks or if something similar has happened to him.

Do not prepare the conversation, rather allow it to flow, so make yourself heard and allow your partner to let go and express himself with what he feels comfortable, avoiding touching topics that you know may be uncomfortable for him. This could be a perfect time to let him know that your libido is very high and that you will enjoy intimate relationships more.

It is also time to tell him that you enjoy self-stimulation and that you would like to add certain toys to increase the satisfaction of both of you , that you would like to do it in other places from time to time and that you are willing to indulge him in whatever he wants. Steer the conversation towards a positive approach, where the couple feels more well stimulated, wanted and desired.

What topics are counterproductive?

In matters of sexual fantasies there is a very fine thread with which you have to be very careful not to break it, since afterwards there may be no going back.

For example, if you have fantasized about being with him and his best friend at the same time, it is better that that remains in your mind and does not leave there because it could cause many problems and misunderstandings. In short, the effect would be the opposite .

When to go to a specialist?

When you cannot find a way to address a specific problem that is repeatedly affecting the sexual health of the couple, now is the time to request the support of an expert. This will give you his point of view from the external professional perspective and will help you discover how to act in front of him and change things for the better. The absence of professional support in a timely manner contributes to the deterioration of the situation between the two. 

Changes are normal

We mentioned at the beginning of the article that relationships have their high and low seasons. In the latter you should not panic because they are generated by natural or unavoidable situations such as excessive stress at work, at home, children, studies, etc., in themselves they are transitory and you just have to work on them to resume your life as normal , including satisfactory sexual activity.

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